Wave Fire Pit Table

Wave Fire Pit Table Will Bring Some Oomph To Your Backyard


While the land of Westeros may have fire and ice you can add the spectacular display of waves and fire in your own backyard! If you love sitting in the backyard with a gorgeous fire, this wave fire pit table will leave you enchanted.

Crafted of aluminum and designed with three black tunes that are interwoven together to create a stunning effect in the evening. This table is guaranteed to bring family and friends closer than ever and help to create a special mood in the evening. It is perfect for a fun-filled family evening or a special night designed for couples only.

The bed of the table is filled with gorgeous black onyx gems that reflect the light of the fire in the night sky. While this may be a costly fire table it will yield plenty of memory-filled evenings that all are sure to treasure for years to come.

Wave Fire Pit Table 2

Wave Fire Pit Table 3

Wave Fire Pit Table 4$5,224.05 From Amazon

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