Where To Eat Pizza Book

Phaidon’s Where To Eat Pizza Book: Pizza Is Officially An Art Form


Phaidon has a reputation for releasing the absolute coolest books on art and design, so the fact that they’ve made a foray into food with Where To Eat Pizza should give you a respectful pause.

Where To Eat Pizza is written by Daniel Young. He has written five cookbooks, three restaurant guides, and articles for everything from the New York Times to Gourmet Magazine. You know this man is not playing when he says he knows a good pizza.

The book itself looks good, with a minimalist design and monotone color scheme. And at 8” x 5 3/8” and 576 pages, it’s absolutely crammed with information on where to find the best pies all over the world, in more than 1,700 locations. There are helpful tips on what to order at what particular joint, reviews from esteemed critics, and quotes from a plethora of industry insiders.

The book even includes city maps, so you’ll have no trouble tracking down a slice that will make your eyes roll back in your head. Okay yup so buy the book, and excuse me – I suddenly have to go order me a pie.

$29.95 From Amazon

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