Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum: One App To Rule The Vacuum


Do you really have the time to clean your home on a daily basis? Of course you don’t, bit more than likely don’t have the time to hire full-time maid. We are living in the 21st century why don’t we have our own personal Rosie Robots from the Jetsons yet?

It might not be as cool as George Jetsons’ maid, but this Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum will do the job and get your floors clean with just one touch of a button on your smartphone. This vacuum will make sure that your home is spotless without you having to leave your favorite chair.

The app will control the vacuum while you sit back and binge watch Orange Is The Black or while you are getting caught up on some work. You just might be able to persuade to get the kids to finally do some house cleaning every once and a while with this sweet new toy in the home.

Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum 2$699.99 From Amazon

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