The Wide Path Camper Makes All Bike Rides Unique


How many times have you been riding your bike and just wanted to stop and take a nap or have a quick picnic? If you take really long bike rides it may be a regular occurrence! However, it can be difficult to find a perfect spot on the side of the road or trail to stop and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. With that in mind, you may want to invest in a wide path camper that can easily be hauled on the back of a bike.

This expandable shelter has enough room for 2 adults to lay down and take a quick nap. Or for 4 adults to sit around and enjoy an afternoon picnic on the side of the road. This is an excellent tool to have if you bike on a regular basis. It allows you to really take in the scenery and have a more enjoyable ride. The camper adds no additional weight to the bike and most of the time you will forget that you are towing it along.

One of the best aspects about this expandable shelter is it only takes three minutes to deploy. That is more than enough time to pull over and have it ready before getting caught in a bad rain storm! Check it out today and your bike rides will never be the same.

Wide Path Camper

Wide Path Camper 2

Wide Path Camper 3

Wide Path Camper 4

Wide Path Camper 5

Wide Path Camper 6
$3,850 From WidePathCamper

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