Wig Vase

Wig Vase: Making Plants Even More Creepy!


Have you ever seen the movie “little Shop Of Horrors”? It’s a classic about a plant that feeds on human blood, and as it grows bigger, it’s owner has to keep killing people and feeding it the bodies. The ending moral of the film is that you have every reason to be afraid of the dentist.

Well, just when you thought plants couldn’t get any creepier, designer Tania da Cruz has come up with this vase that looks like a mannequin head. So now you will be begged the age old question, “which is creepier? A plant or a mannequin?”!

The vase looks like one of those mannequin heads that doesn’t have a face (creepy meter rising). It has holes all over the skull, so when you plant something in it, it grows through the holes and looks like hair! It comes in either black or white… because, you know, art.

Wig Vase 2

Wig Vase 4

Wig Vase 5

Wig Vase 6

Wig Vase 7

Wig Vase 3
$315 From idilli

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