Windcatcher Airpad

The Windcatcher Airpad 2+ Can Inflate In Seconds With NO Power Or Pumping


Sometimes we just have to face it. We are lazy, and by “we” I mean you. The liquor store is right around the corner, but when we are only halfway there, we start humming Bon Jovi tunes in our heads and are ready to take a break. Okay, maybe by “we” I mean me in that circumstance. But no one wants to just sit down on the sidewalk; that causes bruising of the bum.

Well with this little thingy you can plop your lazy ass down anywhere in a matter of seconds! It’s the Airpad 2+ from Windcatcher, and it is pretty much an inflatable mattress that you can use on the go! So no more doing stuff that requires energy for you!

It uses science to enable it to inflate with just a couple of breaths, and can support a grown ass adult. It also deflates easily and can be stored in a backpack.

Windcatcher Airpad 2

Windcatcher Airpad 3

Windcatcher Airpad 4

Windcatcher Airpad 5
$100 From Wind Catcher Gear

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