Window Curtain LED Icicle Lights

Window Curtain LED Icicle Lights: Ready For A Year-Round Burst Of Winter?


Are you one of those people who absolutely hates when winter finally goes away? Do you look at the sun and green grass and wish for snowy, overcast days? Short of moving to Antarctica, your options are pretty limited if you enjoy the cold snow filled days. However, we think we found a great option if you want to enjoy the glow of winter icicles in the hot summer days of July!

Check out these window curtain LED icicle lights! These are guaranteed to put the chill in the air, even n the hottest of nights. They are perfect to hang from a gazebo or string around your deck. They will bring added warmth and light to you nightly barbecues and parties.

And yes for those who love the glow of winter lights, they will remind you of the cold that will be coming in just a few short months! However, until then you can enjoy these icicle lights and add some winter cheer to your summertime festivities!

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