Wine Barrel Vanity Sink

This Wine Barrel Vanity Sink Will Show Your Love Of The Napa Valley


Do you feel as though your bathroom just doesn’t have enough personality? Seriously, the bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to place your personality and specific loves in. That is, of course, you happen to love to poop, but I assume that is far down the list for most people. Yes, we are fully aware of some of the fetishes around, we are online! Most bathrooms are decorated with the obligatory seashells and dolphins. But what if you hate the beach and find dolphins pretentious?

I love wine, but I thought if I decorated my bathroom with wine bottles, people would think I was a raging alcoholic. That was until I found this wine barrel sink, straight out of Napa Valley. I knew that this would cement me as an aficionado and not a drunk! Each one of these sinks is made with a retired Napa Valley wine barrel and infused with a hammer copper sink and a gorgeous brushed bronze faucet.

This one bathroom accessory is really going to make your bathroom stand out from all the rest and you can finally get rid of all those seashells and show off a grownup taste

Wine Barrel Vanity Sink 2

Wine Barrel Vanity Sink 3
$1,499 From Etsy

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