Wine Glass Holder Necklace

Wine Glass Holder Necklace: No Matter How Drunk You Get You’ll Never Lose Your Drink


When was the last time you were at an elegant party, benefit, or wedding and got so sloshed you had to be scraped off the floor? I can be rather embarrassing, but you won’t remember it so you will be golden! However, what happens when you get just enough tipsy to remember your guffaws the next day? That can be a little worse for you to deal with.

You want to know one of the biggest accidents that happen once we enter into that tipsy stage? You might think the first thing to go is the pants, but you would be wrong it is the glass. That beautiful wine glass you are toting around in your euphoric mood is typically the first thing you will drop and go crashing to the ground.

Thankfully someone had all of us clumsy drunks in their thoughts and created the wine glass holder necklace. This necklace features a neoprene case that holds a regular size goblet and will give you hands-free movement all night long.

Check this out on Amazon and make your next party a hit and a lot less messy!

$7.71 From Amazon

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