Wine Rack Bra

Wine Rack Bra: Now You Ladies Can Breastfeed Yourself!


A topic that has been in the news a lot lately has been the breastfeeding in public debate. Is it wrong? Should we as a society be subjected to the site of it?

Personally, I don’t remember whether or not my mother breast fed me, and I’m not going to ask her because I don’t want to think about it. But, also personally, I have no problem with women breastfeeding in public because it gives me a chance to look at tits! I wish women could breastfeed themselves in public!

Well now they can! This is the wine rack bra, and it is for adults who want to feed themselves from that sweet, sweet titty! Okay, so it’s actually made so that you ladies can get drunk in public, but I am allowed to dream!

It works via a bladder pouch that holds about 25 ounces of your favorite wine, which dispensed to your mouth through a straw. So not only is this your ticket to breastfeeding yourself in public, but it is also the female equivalent to male crotch stuffing!

Wine Rack Bra 2
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