Winter Survival Jacket

A Winter Survival Jacket For A Spy Or Something!


I never really understood people who liked winter. Winter sucks. I grew up in a very cold climate, so I can tell you, there is nothing fun about stepping outside in temperatures that can give you frostbite. Everything dies during the winter, and you life becomes a fight for your own survival. The cold burns your skin, your lungs get weaker, and you are constantly at risk for hypothermia. What the hell is the appeal in that?!

With that being said, you are going to need the right kind of winter coat. Something bad-ass, that makes you look like you are on your way to carry out a mass murder. Well here is the Condition Black Jacket, and it is the ultimate winter survival coat!

This jacket makes you look like you belong on a snowmobile with an AK-47 or something! It is made out of science, and protects you with 19 panels of ceraspace, which is a flexible material that can scar a rock! It is obviously wind and waterproof, and it covers your entire body including your head so you won’t die if you are outside in the cold!

Winter Survival Jacket 2

Winter Survival Jacket 3

Winter Survival Jacket  4

Winter Survival Jacket 5

Winter Survival Jacket 6

Winter Survival Jacket  7

Winter Survival Jacket  8$1,137.90 From Vollebak

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