Wireless Bluetooth 360 Degree Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth 360 Degree Speaker: Now You Can Play Crappy Music Without Anyone Knowing!


You know, with technology seemingly advancing like a runaway freight train, it is no surprise that we are constantly trying to recreate the Matrix. We want everything to be real, and part of our lives, even though we have become lost in a vast sea of virtual reality. This reality will never fill the void that has become our lives. But we continue to wish that it will. We wish, and we wish with gusto.

Here is another take on a bluetooth speaker, and this one blasts in 360 degrees of science, and it’s also waterproof so it can float in a pool! That’s right! So now you can mix traditional with new, by placing technology in water!

The speaker is compatible up to 65 feet away, so if you want to blast something sh*tty like Bruno Mars without being seen, that won’t be an issue either. Just don’t play any Nickleback on it. Someone will definitely stomp it (and you) if you do that!

Wireless Bluetooth 360 Degree Speaker 2

Wireless Bluetooth 360 Degree Speaker 3

Wireless Bluetooth 360 Degree Speaker 4
$89.97 From Amazon

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