Let The Wobble Ball Treat Dispenser Get Your Dog Moving


Do you feel as though your pooch is getting a little too pudgy for their own good? Pups can gain weight just as easily as their human counterparts. This is part of the reason they need to have healthy diets and get lots of exercise. However, it is easy for us as dog owners to over-indulge them in treats. If you find that your dog is getting a little too round for their own good you may want to look at the Wobble Ball treat dispenser.

This great product allows you to continue slipping your pup yummy treats without the fear of them gaining too much weight. The Wobble Ball is designed to get your dog to work for their treat. The treat will only fall out of the ball after your dog has moved, bitten, and fully worked for his treat. It makes for a much more rewarding effort for both you and your dog!

Check it out today and offer your dog a healthier and more fun life!

Wobble Ball Treat Dispenser

Wobble Ball Treat Dispenser 2

Wobble Ball Treat Dispenser 3
$17.90 From Amazon

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