Wolverine Claws

Wolverine Claws: Hugh Jackman Ain’t Got Nothing On You!


Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a superhero for just a day? We don’t even have to set our expectations that high. How about a mutant? Seems like it would make for a fun if not interesting day. Think of all you could accomplish with your mutant powers. I suppose you would have to decide how you would want to mutate first. For most of us I can only assume we would love to have the strength and regeneration powers of Wolverine.

At the very least you have to admit he has really good hair and fills out a white tank top pretty good. We have found a way to get you one step closer to filling the big guy’s shoes. Take a look at this incredible set of Wolverine claws that are sure to get you a lot of praise and probably some frightened looks.

These metal Wolverine claws are great for Halloween, cosplay conventions, or just hanging around the neighborhood chasing kids. You might want to disregard that last suggestion, you may end up in jail for that type of stunt and your claws will not be much help.

So take a look at these on Amazon and suit up and geek out!

Wolverine Claws 2

Wolverine Claws 3$34.99 From Amazon

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