Wooden NES Cartridge Cutting Boards

Wooden NES Cartridge Cutting Boards: Good Old Sturdy NES Cart Can Stand Anything


Have you ever heard of those people who say they can play computer games with their toasters? Well. It seems like videogames are getting their revenge, thanks to the Wooden 8-Bit NES Cartridge Cutting Boards. In fact, anyone who has ever played on a NES, knows for a fact that original cartridges could as well work as cutting boards. My god, how resistant were those.

I must admit, these cutting boards look good. At least, quite better than the games you could play with the original ones. And, the maintenance is probably quite easy as well. If these carts work like they always have, whenever they get a bit dirty and start malfunctioning, you just need to blow on them and problem solved! Anyway, the creators have made a great mistake. They should have made the Nintendo DS Cart Cutting Boards, instead of the NES ones. You know, I can’t see how helpful can Super Mario be at the kitchen. Cooking Mama, on the other hand.

$40 From Etsy

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