Woodman's Pal Classic Axe

Paul Bunyon Ain’t Got Nothing on This Woodman’s Pal Classic Axe


Are you planning on going on a real camping trip anytime soon? We are talking about the kind that you catch your own food, sleep under the stars, and chop your own wood. None of that sissy campground stuff going on here!

If so, you know the importance of having good gear to get you through the weekend. Your very survival could be at stake if you plan wrong. One of the key elements of survival on any rugged camping trip is an extraordinary axe. An axe is used for wood chopping and defense, if necessary.

One of the absolute best to have tucked away in your gear is the Woodman’s Pal Classic Axe. This lightweight axe measures 16 1/2-inches and only weighs 1.5 pounds. This makes it very easy to pack and carry. The 1/8th inch high-carbon steel blade will slice through logs like butter. Included on the end is a sickle hook which lets you slice through vines and briars like Indian “Freaking” Jones!

This is a must have for a weekend camping trip or an essential part of your bug out bag.

$69.99 From Amazon

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