World Map Mural

This World Map Mural May Or May Not Get You Laid!


If you are like me, you live on Earth. If you are also like me, you have never traveled outside of your home country. And if you are totally like me (well, not completely, but if we have three things in common), then you love getting laid!
And you know what people dig? Brains. Intelligence has this weird effect on the opposite sex, where it’s like some kind of weird aphrodisiac! So you are gonna want to spruce up your apartment a bit before the big date with things like books and pencils, and globe!

Actually, screw the globe (not literally, save that for the date), you’re way better off getting this huge wall mural that is a map of the world! There really isn’t much more I can say to tell you what this is. It’s a wall mural. It’s a map of the world! It’s your ticket into their pants.

The world map mural is 3.15 meters by 2.32 meters. I give you those exact dimensions so you can be sure you will have room for it. The background color is grey and the lettering is orange. I will also go ahead and recommend sporting a monocle!

$86.85 From 1Wall

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