World’s Tiniest Violin

World’s Tiniest Violin: SHUT UP!!!


Now here is something I can get behind. So many people I encounter, just sit around complaining about the stupidest sh*t. Oh, your cat died? Oh you can’t pay for your new car? Oh, you have cancer? Wel F*CK YOU! I went to college to try and better my life, and all I got in return for working my ass off and getting awesome grades, was a piece of paper, no job security, and phone calls every day from debt collectors that want over 100,000 dollars in student loans from me!!!!

So, for anyone who wants to complain that they have it tough, here is the world’s smallest violin. Literally, this is a tiny violin! It’s only 4 inches tall, and even comes with a little case! It also includes a little bow, but it isn’t playable, it’s just for display. So now you can complain about that, and you will need a tiny violin, and it is just a vicious cycle.

A man walks into a bar with a 10 inch pianist….

World’s Tiniest Violin 2$16.95 From Amazon

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