Wreck This Journal

Wreck This Journal: A Journal For People Who Shouldn’t Have A Journal


If you are like me, you rule at life. Like seriously, you get sex randomly from the most random of situations, you fall ass backwards into money, and everything just always goes your way. Just so you know, I just described the complete opposite of my actual life.

But, I live my life, and I live it with confidence. I make my own decisions, my own rules, and I take my own ques.

But, if you are a pathetic moron, who can’t make your own decisions even for yourself, then here is a diary that might help you. It is the Wreck This Journal, and it is designed for those of you who cannot make you own decisions in life!

How it works is, that each entry has a prompt. It could say something like “what did you have for lunch today” and you would write about that. Essentially, it is your life being directed by someone else. In fact, if you really suck that bad with journalling, then maybe you should try a different profession… like a prank monkey.

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