Zombie Survival Experience

Zombie Survival Experience: Can You Survive This Experience?


You watch The Walking Dead faithfully on a weekly basis. You have read countless survival guides and believe you are ready for when the apocalypse hits. But how can you deal you are really ready to deal with the undead?

Are all those zombie games you play on the X-box really going to help you when the world falls apart?

To be honest with you, you need real hardcore training. You need the zombie survival experience to enhance and test your skills. This one-of-a-kind experience has transformed an entire shopping mall into a zombie battlefield.

All you are armed with are your wits and a paintball gun. Can you make it from one end of the mall to the other without getting bit? This is the ultimate experience for any survival or zombie enthusiast! To be able to go to head-to-head with a horde of zombies inside an abandoned shopping mall!

Try this exciting zombie survival experience and live to see another day!

Zombie Survival Experience 2
$225 From Wish.co.uk

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